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This is part II of our tutorial on premium domain names

Back to part I Forward to part III (list of domain names)All domain names need to be relevant to the product or service that they direct you to.
In general, the very best domain names are:
not too long (though there are exceptions)
and have a certain ring to them
In general, the very best extensions are:
and .co, in that order.
However, if you can get a single word domain, such as seamstress.co, then you should definately go with any of these extensions.
Single name dot coms command million dollar prices most of the time, if the word is at all relevant.
Most single name dot coms were taken long ago.
Dot biz and .info domains are not very popular, but, again, if you can find a desirable single word followed by any extension, consider it. The thing to remember is the quality of the keyword you choose. For example,
eggshells.info might not be worth much.
And always bear in mind;
The verybest domain name is the one that draws targeted traffic, resulting in sales.
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