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Domain Name FAQs

(Browse Domain Names Now) In this article, I answer:

“What is a domain name”.

“How does a domain name help my website”

“Who can get a domain name”

“What makes a good domain name?”

“Domain name” is just another name for “URL”. An “url” is a web address. However, a domain name is an url with pizzazz, not geekiness.

Let me explain. In the physical world, an url would be your longitude and latitude. Your address would be your street name and number. A domain name is like having a memorable address to give people, rather than your coordinates. Yes, it’s true. Your website, right now, has a set of coordinates. Every “online” website does. Its coordinates are a set of numbers. In fact, right now, if you type in these coordinates into your address bar, this website will pop up. Obviously, it is a whole lot easier to type in premiumdomainames.com than to type a set of numbers. Which leads to my next answer

“How does a domain name help my website?”

If you were going on a blind date, and you knew nothing about the person, just their address, then that would tell you quite a bit about them. It’s the same in the online world.

Skidrow domain names abound, and your customer can tell the difference.

What sounds better booksrus.com or qualitybooks.com? When you see the words quality and books together, that tells you something. Whoever purchased that domain got a premium webaddress. They live, if you will, at a higher-end zipcode on the web.

“Who can get a domain name”

Almost anyone can purchase a “dot com”. If you are over eighteen, and aren’t violating any copyright laws, that covers most issues. Some extensions like .country (the extension of a country, .de, .fr) may be limited to residents of that country. It just depends on that country and their rules. In general, “dot com” domains are the most desirable. Go now to: Recognizing Premium Domain namesview premium domains