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Introduction to domain names

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Part one What makes a domain name good


Part two What separates a good domain from a great domain



Part three How do I obtain a good domain name

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Part 1. What makes a good domain name.

As mentioned in my introduction, the best domain name is the one that fits the purposes of your business. If your domain name draws you traffic and brings you sales, then none of the rules apply.
There are, however, certain tips which can help you get a domain name that does draw the right kind of traffic who in turn buy your product.
Step one: Know your market.
If you are selling books, think of what book readers are interested in. Reading stories, right? If you are having difficulty finding domains with the keyword “books”, you can get a domain like goodreads.com or popularfiction. In fact, the more specific you are in your domain name, the more likely you will be to draw quality traffic.
Step two: Sound it out.
What would you click on if you were searching the web for a site on books? In the cyberworld, sounding it out is more than just saying it. Reading counts as sound. Consider this….the word “read” can be pronounced “red” or “read” depending on the context. It’s important to see how the url (domain name) actually looks in print. “Premiumdomainnames” looks awkward with two ns. Making it “premiumdomainames” just looked nicer.
Step three: Don’t be afraid to use hyphens, if your domain name looks weird without it.
While hyphens are best done without, sometimes they are necessary. For example, take my last domain that I let go. “Amoronline.”  Amor online was my goal. But look at it…without a hyphen, it looks…moronic.
Another reason to consider a hyphen is if you earnestly want a specific domain, but it simply isn’t available. I have “my-coastal-vacation” (which isn’t listed here), because at the time, mycoastalvacation wasn’t available.
It’s okay to use hyphens if you need to and mandatory sometimes, if it brings clarity.
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