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How A Premium Domain Name Can Help Your Business

When potential customers visit your website, they are looking to see how professional you are. But no matter how professional your website is, people may not even visit it, if it has an uprofessional domain name.
When your customer starts searching for you on google, they will see a description of your website along with it’s url (domain name).
Here’s an example
Romantic Novels|Paradise Books
We have all the latest Romance Novels.
Browse now
Now, if you look at this closely, the first part of this actually looks pretty good. But as your eyes move down toward the domain name, what do you see? Does it look professional? What does the domain name do to your overall impression of this business?
As you see an unprofessional domain name can ruin your entire business image.
So, why would anyone choose a domain name like Books R us if they wanted to appear professional?
The answer is simple: availability.
Lack of availability forces many website owners to settle.
As in, settling for a mediocre domain name.
Once upon a time (in the 90’s), the World Wide Web was just coming mainstream, and great domain names were everwhere. But not for long. Like the days of the gold rush, business owners, cyber squatters, and ethic domain resellers began buying up domain names like they were gold dust. Pretty soon, almost nothing professional was left to purchase for one’s domain name,
Earnest business owners, late on the internet scene, began settling for domain names with typos, similar sounding names, and even blatant corny abbreviations like, you guessed it, “booksRus”.
Today, many professional businesses are stuck with half-baked domain names that score low in the search engines and exude an unprofessional image.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Great domain names are everywhere. You just need to know where to find them.