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How A Premium Domain Name Can Help Your Business

When potential customers visit your website, they are looking to see how professional you are. But no matter how professional your website is, people may not even visit it, if it has an uprofessional domain name.
When your customer starts searching for you on google, they will see a description of your website along with it’s url (domain name).
Here’s an example
Romantic Novels|Paradise Books
We have all the latest Romance Novels.
Browse now
Now, if you look at this closely, the first part of this actually looks pretty good. But as your eyes move down toward the domain name, what do you see? Does it look professional? What does the domain name do to your overall impression of this business?
As you see an unprofessional domain name can ruin your entire business image.
So, why would anyone choose a domain name like Books R us if they wanted to appear professional?
The answer is simple: availability.
Lack of availability forces many website owners to settle.
As in, settling for a mediocre domain name.
Once upon a time (in the 90’s), the World Wide Web was just coming mainstream, and great domain names were everwhere. But not for long. Like the days of the gold rush, business owners, cyber squatters, and ethic domain resellers began buying up domain names like they were gold dust. Pretty soon, almost nothing professional was left to purchase for one’s domain name,
Earnest business owners, late on the internet scene, began settling for domain names with typos, similar sounding names, and even blatant corny abbreviations like, you guessed it, “booksRus”.
Today, many professional businesses are stuck with half-baked domain names that score low in the search engines and exude an unprofessional image.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Great domain names are everywhere. You just need to know where to find them.

Domain Superstar


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Being a domain name superstar is easy…just list your name with us, and let the offers roll in!

What is a domain superstar

A domain name superstar is anyone who actually manages to sell those pricey domain names in this cut-throat world

(big tip: you need to list your domain name on a website with first page rankings. Think:

Who can be a domain Name superstar?

Answer: Anyone who signs up with us to give maximum exposure to their premium domain name. Sign up here.

How to be a domain name superstar

How Escrow Works



When you order a domain name through our service, we have you make a payment to Escrow.Com, the number one Escrow service on the internet. These are the same folks who handle Ebay and Godaddy, among other big names.

Once receives your payment, Premium Domain Names then transfers the domain name to you. checks to verify that the domain has indeed been transfered and is now registered in your name. Then and only then wil they release the funds to us.
Now, you are the official owner of the website.

To learn more about this (though we pretty much covered it all) go to and click on domain buying.

Choosing the right domain name


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This is part II of our tutorial on premium domain names

Back to part I Forward to part III (list of domain names)All domain names need to be relevant to the product or service that they direct you to.
In general, the very best domain names are:
not too long (though there are exceptions)
and have a certain ring to them
In general, the very best extensions are:
and .co, in that order.
However, if you can get a single word domain, such as, then you should definately go with any of these extensions.
Single name dot coms command million dollar prices most of the time, if the word is at all relevant.
Most single name dot coms were taken long ago.
Dot biz and .info domains are not very popular, but, again, if you can find a desirable single word followed by any extension, consider it. The thing to remember is the quality of the keyword you choose. For example, might not be worth much.
And always bear in mind;
The verybest domain name is the one that draws targeted traffic, resulting in sales.
To browse domain names, click here
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Domain name Basics


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Domain Name FAQs

(Browse Domain Names Now) In this article, I answer:

“What is a domain name”.

“How does a domain name help my website”

“Who can get a domain name”

“What makes a good domain name?”

“Domain name” is just another name for “URL”. An “url” is a web address. However, a domain name is an url with pizzazz, not geekiness.

Let me explain. In the physical world, an url would be your longitude and latitude. Your address would be your street name and number. A domain name is like having a memorable address to give people, rather than your coordinates. Yes, it’s true. Your website, right now, has a set of coordinates. Every “online” website does. Its coordinates are a set of numbers. In fact, right now, if you type in these coordinates into your address bar, this website will pop up. Obviously, it is a whole lot easier to type in than to type a set of numbers. Which leads to my next answer

“How does a domain name help my website?”

If you were going on a blind date, and you knew nothing about the person, just their address, then that would tell you quite a bit about them. It’s the same in the online world.

Skidrow domain names abound, and your customer can tell the difference.

What sounds better or When you see the words quality and books together, that tells you something. Whoever purchased that domain got a premium webaddress. They live, if you will, at a higher-end zipcode on the web.

“Who can get a domain name”

Almost anyone can purchase a “dot com”. If you are over eighteen, and aren’t violating any copyright laws, that covers most issues. Some extensions like .country (the extension of a country, .de, .fr) may be limited to residents of that country. It just depends on that country and their rules. In general, “dot com” domains are the most desirable. Go now to: Recognizing Premium Domain namesview premium domains