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sue-melinDo you have a really cool domain that you think everyone would want to have? Do you lack enough exposure online to properly “get the word out” about your one-of-a-kind domain name?

Hi. This is Sue Melin, the site owner of A lot of you who came here today, do what I do professionally; you sell domain names.

Have you ever thought “wow, I have a great domain name” and really believed that everyone should be able to see it? Or maybe you’ve thought”I just know I could get alot of money for this domain if the right people would  notice it”

Perhaps you’ve tried doing business on ebay. Or maybe, you’ve tried promoting your domain name through a mega-domain reseller site. Like Sedo.

So how is that working for you? Are you finding success?
If you find that your domain name is lost amidst all of those other domains, you may want to try posting your domain name here.

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Is your budget somewhere between these ranges? Consider listing your domain name in our “Premium” section. Your domain name will be listed “ab ove the fold”, meaning viewers won’t have to scroll down to see you. The Premium section listing price is $50 per domain name per year.

Have a bunch of domains that you need to post? For one hundred dollars a year, you can post up to 15 domain names.

I won’t be accepting domains that I feel have nothing to offer visitors, so please send in your best domains.

You never know how much your domain is worth, until someone is willing to pay the price for it.

Don’t sell yourself short

Sign up today. (note: All domains must be reviewed first. We don’t accept domains dealing with sex, porn, or gambling)

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